Situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city, amidst sylvan surroundings on a sprawling area of 30 acres with a hint of subtle colors, is the majestic building of Sri Kumaran Children’s Home- CBSE. The façade of the junior and senior blocks offer a breath taking view of the green belt bejeweled by a pristine lake.

Meticulous planning of the school layout, infrastructure, landscaping and furniture conforming to international standards are some of the highlights of what infrastructure Kumarans-CBSE offers to the students. The architecture of the building helps in establishing a sense of flow into various spaces and ensures that space is not restrictive.

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“Nature nourishes the body and the mind”

In this age of rapid technological advancement, it is imperative that we reconnect with nature and nurture sensitivity in our children. Cognizant of this need, classrooms have been consciously designed and finer details have been taken into account.The junior block has 45 airy spacious classrooms. All classrooms have expansive glass windows that open out to verdant spaces, allowing lot of natural light to come inside the classrooms.The junior block of the school comprises children from classes I to VII. The building has been very consciously built only at two levels so that children do not climb many floors.

Classes I to III are at the lower level, and classes IV to VII are at the second level .The classrooms are colour coded for easy identification. All classrooms at the first level are in orange and classrooms at the second level are in green. All staff rooms are in maroon and all common activity rooms are coloured in brown.The courtyards are the highlights of the physical infrastructure. All classes open to green courtyards and give children a feeling of being very close to nature.

Learning is not restricted to the precincts of the classrooms. Ample courtyard spaces transport children on a creative jaunt where they work effectively in teams. Each courtyard has been designed as an extension of the classroom. Some courtyards have been built into a small amphitheatre which can be used by the little children to have their drama classes. The courtyards near the art and drama rooms are designed to have classes even outside.

Aesthetically and ergonomically designed furniture that is color coded has been provided depending on the class levels. Low level bright color furniture for primary children, intermediate level furniture for Middle school has been designed.The Junior Block is designed in a manner that classes I to III have their own facilities – computer lab, junior science lab, language lab, mathematics lab, audio-visual room, art room and pottery room. Classes IV to VII have 3 computer labs, mathematics lab, language lab, humanities lab.The senior block is an L shaped building and comprises of high school students from classes VIII to X and senior secondary school students of classes XI and XII. There are separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs for high and senior secondary school students.

Students of classes VIII to X have their own mathematics lab, language lab, humanities lab, audiovisual room and art room. Every classroom has large windows that suffuse the room with natural light. The view outside invigorates the mind and acts as an emollient for tired eyes.The corridors outside the classrooms have quotes that provide food for thought.The landscape designed within and outside the school provides for a lot of free flowing spaces amidst greenery and shrubs. Gardening spaces are earmarked for children separately within the school to allow them to experiment with organic and other kinds of farming. Trees of different kinds have been planted and tree boards that display the biological names of trees and their uses with interesting snippets have been put up.

The Science Park which is a cluster of open air science gadgets installed for play way learning of science has been established. The Science Park is an innovative concept of teaching science in an informal way.

The basic concept of the Science Park is enhancing the tendency of the children to play more than to read. In this park, we have aesthetically designed and ruggedly fabricated science gadgets to benefit learners at every level, fusing scientific reasoning and fun!

The architecture and design of the building give scope for a lot of creativity within the building. Children and upcoming artists will be encouraged to paint these creative spaces using different kinds of medium. There is a conscious effort to create exclusive artistic spaces as the school evolves.


IT – Infrastructure

Our school has well equipped computer labs with state of the art infrastructure. Thin client- blade-server technology has been implemented. Blades are slim, mini servers mounted in a chassis in rows. Each blade has memory, processors, storage and network software with applications and operating systems. The blades are connected to servers located in separate server rooms.Two computer labs in the junior block with adjoining theory rooms house 80 thin clients attached to flat screen monitors, moving away from the traditional desktop scenario. A multimedia lab with 32 high end digital workstations has also been setup.Two computer labs with theory rooms incorporating latest technology are provided for the use of senior students. The internet is a repository of information for easy reference and this is used extensively by teachers and students to keep abreast of latest developments. Students work regularly on technology to present academic projects.An audiovisual room that can seat around 50 people is situated in the junior block and in the senior block.



Children learn better by doing.Hands on science projects are interwoven with theoretical learning and practiced in our science labs by primary and middle school students.The school is well equipped with Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs, which adhere to the National Curriculum Framework. Apart from this, our labs are equipped with the advanced experimental techniques used by the senior secondary students for their projects. Adequate wash basins have been provided in all the labs. Practical classes are compulsory for all classes from 4 to 12.



The amphitheatre is a curved, acoustically vibrant performance space, nestled between the Junior and Senior Blocks of CBSE which can seat about 800 people. It is used during school hours by children to put up impromptu performance during special assembly and used in the evening to stage a play or a performance which can be watched by children and adults alike.



The air conditioned auditorium has a maximum seating capacity of 450. The audio and the lighting system offer the best viewing experiencing. It is used regularly by the school to show small inspiring movies for children and events like orientation programmes and talent display also are conducted in the auditorium.



Library is a place where one can lose sense of time and place, lose one’s identity while traveling through the myriad scenarios and situations with literature’s most famous heroes, immersing oneself in books of poetry and becoming privy to the world’s best guarded secrets by browsing through encyclopedias.The Junior Library spreads over a vast area divided into four levels.

Three levels accommodate the primary school children and the middle school children and a mezzanine level is used as the reference section. Low level colorful furniture and thoughtfully designed open reading space add to the pleasure of reading. The mezzanine and top levels open out to scenic beauty taking the reader to a different world.The courtyard near the library is a serene place that can be exclusively used for reading.The selection of books is done with care – stocks are upgraded continuously with the ever-alert library staff sometimes discussing with knowledgeable students to find out about popular tastes!

The aim of the library is definitely to bring even the non-reader into its fold. The dog-eared books bear testimony to the fact that reading is still a favourite hobby in this age of the Internet; the eagerness with which children make a beeline for the library speaks volumes.Helping the students to dive deep into the ocean of knowledge are the numerous series of encyclopedias – Grolier International, World Book, Dorling Kindersley, Time Life, Illustrated encyclopedias of Science and those of Wild Life, Charlie Brown’s Encyclopedia for Children and Child Craft. Specialized knowledge books include History Encyclopedia, History of the World and Time Warner Discovery Books. The number of books in the library exceeds 20,000 and it can be concluded that the student / book ratio is a good one. Borrowing facilities start from Class I onwards and each child from Class I can borrow 2-4 books at a time. The school believes that it will address two long-term needs: inculcate the reading habit and teach the tiny tots to manage school property.Library Collections

  • Total Number of Books – 20350
  • Reference Books – 3630
  • Academic Books – 6560
  • Fiction – 8350

Art and Pottery

Art room has furniture coated with polypropylene material that enables easy cleaning in case of spills. No mess, no fuss-the creator concentrates only on the craft. Courtyards adjacent to art rooms double up as extended art classrooms whenever more space is required.We have two art rooms that are used by children for their craft and drawing classes. The school has an ethnically designed pottery room where children of Classes I to V have their pottery classes. The pottery centre is every child’s delight where their nimble fingers create exquisite pieces of art. In order to help children know various processes of clay modeling, a kiln has been built and various pieces of art done by the students are baked and given back to the children. Pottery areas also have wash basins for children to wash when they finish the class.


Sports Infrastructure

Playing and physical exercise are vital to all. Children are exposed to different games at the junior and senior levels. A concrete basketball court and football court attract students to take up sports with vigour. Front and rear areas of the building have been utilized as playgrounds. A large sand pit, jungle gym amidst greenery excites the little ones. A dribble court with shooting baskets is provided for middle school children. There are two volleyball courts enclosed by chain link fencing.

Two tennis courts conforming to global standards, made of synthetic grass and long lasting surface requiring no maintenance are provided. Ideal for clubs and schools which use the court frequently, it has been classified as Category 4 medium fast court by International Tennis Federation. The court can be used on rainy days too which simply means that students get to play on the courts throughout the year!Two basketball courts with transparent boards, full size football clay field, a standard 200 m track for athletics, a separate court for throw ball ,an outdoor badminton court and an indoor table tennis, chess and carom facility ensure that children get to play and enjoy the sport of their choice.An indoor badminton court is also available.

A 25 meter swimming pool conforming to global standards has been designed.
Classes III to V have swimming as a compulsory activity. Coaching is done by experts in the field. Inter class competitions are held regularly. A pool for toddlers is available for small children.



The school operates a full – fledged canteen and offers meals and snacks to children. Coupon system has been enforced to minimize children carrying money to school. The canteen offers nutritious and balanced vegetarian meal for children A tuck shop serving candies, juices, milk and ice creams delights children. Fresh ingredients are used and food is served under hygienic conditions. Children can opt for meal plans of their choice.

There are two categories of furniture- movable and immovable. Furniture is at a low level for small children and is easy to clean. Pantry is attached to the canteen area. It is compulsory for all students to come down to the canteen and eat.



The school has a first aid centre. If a child is unwell, teachers send the child to the Health Centre and basic medication and first aid is given. However if a child needs hospitalization, the child is sent to a designated hospital with the consent of the parent or if a child is sick and needs to be taken home, the school informs the parents.

There are 3 beds in the junior block in case of any emergency and a 4 bed medical room in the senior block. We also have a nebulization unit that is used to administer medicine to children suffering from wheezing and other respiratory disorders.

Nurses are present on all working days. An ambulance is stationed in the school during the working days.

As per CBSE Board guidelines, parents upload the health record of their child which has details of vaccinations the child has been given, a note about known ailments, allergies among other things.

Every year, there is a basic medical checkup done in the school and if further medical investigations is required, a note is sent to the parents. It is the parent’s prerogative to take it up further.