Children need to become self- reliant and independent learners as they go into middle school. The process of transition begins from Class V . Teachers use methods like peer group learning, co-operative learning, project methods and other different media like theatre and newspapers to facilitate learning. Rote learning is not encouraged.Children are instead trained in various study skills by the respective subject teachers and this helps them learn and understand better.

Students from class six  are taught to maintain files and note down points in sheets. Questions posed in various assignments, tests and exams are high on application, linking concepts taught in class to the real world. Assessments vary from small projects in core subjects to book reviews in language classes. From Class VII onwards, children are slowly trained to handle larger portions to make their transition to high school easier.

Subjects taught are English, II and III languages, General Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Artand Computer Education. III language is introduced in Class V in the school.

Children have various activities like Yoga, Life skill classes, Global Awareness Program, Hobby classes and other experiential activities during school hours.

Language Options

II language offered for classes V to X Sanskrit/ Hindi/ Kannada/ French/ German
III language offered for classes V to X Sanskrit/ Hindi/ Kannada/ French

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