Senior Secondary School is a preparation for any student to get into the best university across India and the world and our school recognizes this. The school at this point of time offers Science, Arts and Commerce. Students of Classes XI and XII need to study English as a compulsory subject. Students need not opt for a second language.


  • English / Physics/ Chemistry/ Mathematics/ Computer Science
  • English / Physics/ Chemistry/ Mathematics/ Economics
  • English / Physics/ Chemistry/ Mathematics/ Biology
  • English / Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology/Psychology

  • English / Accountancy / Economics / Business Studies / Mathematics
  • English / Accountancy / Economics / Business Studies / Entrepreneurship
  • English / Accountancy / Economics / Business Studies / Sociology
  • English / History / Economics / Psychology / Mathematics
  • English / History / Economics / Psychology / Sociology

The excitement of doing science comes from pursuing the unknown. Working in the lab gives the students an opportunity to explore beyond their text books to satisfy their inquisitive nature and tap the scientific temper in them. The conceptual understanding is complete when they experience what they learn.

The school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories, which conform to the National Curriculum Framework. Apart from this our labs are equipped with the advanced experimental techniques used by the Senior Secondary students for their projects. Science labs have been given a central and a distinctive role in science education. Science facilitators in our institution feel that there are rich benefits in learning by doing.

The main objectives that may be achieved are

  • Manipulative – inquiry, investigative skills
  • Cognitive – critical thinking, application, analysis, synthesis
  • Attitudinal – curiosity, interest, objectivity, confidence, collaboration

Class is divided into batches, each comprising of 20 -25 students. Students perform experiments individually.Apart from the experiments that are being carried out prescribed by the CBSE Board they also take up projects in Class XI which is evaluated by the external examiner for the class XII Board exam. Students have an experience of a different kind for they are free to choose projects from myriad examples from day to day life to gain first hand experience. Viz – quantitative analysis of stainless steel, proteins in plant and animal sources,carbohydrates in chocolates, effectiveness of branded tea samples, soap , detergent samples, surface tension of different oils.The students work on the project first by preparing a synopsis, collecting the materials required, perform the experiment, record the observation, prepare a discussion on the observations and submit a report.

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