Assessment system is devised in a manner that is stress – free for the child.Continuous assessment considers the child’s performance throughout the academic year in the following areas: written class work, home assignments,unit tests, work sheets, planned activities and class room discussions.

Grades are allotted in the books / unit tests / worksheets along with detailed remarks about the child’s performance and progress. Remarks offer suggestions for further correction / improvement of the child’s performance.

Grades based on continuous assessment are entered in the assessment report for skills in English, Number Work, Environmental Studies, Second Language, Art and Craft, Games and Physical Education. A 5 point rating scale has been formulated to assess skills in various subjects. Skills in language include reading writing, speaking and listening. Subjects like Math and Science include concept development too. Skill assessment is continuous and is reported twice a year.

A section of the report also includes assessing a child’s ability in visual arts, music and physical education. Teacher’s observation of the child in areas of emotional development, social skills, class room behaviour, personal habits, health and hygiene is recorded in the “Student’s Personality Profile”.The minimum grade is ‘B’ which indicates that the child needs improvement and the maximum grade ‘Ex’ indicates that the child’s performance is excellent. This informal system of continuous assessment has been designed in accordance with our integrated approach to education that includes values, communication skills,self discipline, creativity, games, social skills and academics which is the core essence of CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation).