The Senior Secondary division of Sri Kumaran Children’s Home, CBSE, comprising classes 11 and 12, seeks to provide opportunities to achieve excellence in learning and also renders ample scope for the holistic development of students. It strives to strengthen knowledge and promote collaborative and self-directed learning. It aims to promote critical and creative thinking aligned with 21st-century skills in classrooms. The curriculum encompasses three major streams - Science, Commerce and Humanities. These streams are broadly divided into compulsory and elective subjects ranging from Physics and Chemistry in the Science Stream to the newly introduced subjects such as Legal Studies, Entrepreneurship, Applied Mathematics, and Political Science to reflect the dynamic and ever-evolving curriculum.

The following is the overview of subject combinations offered in each stream:


  • English/Physics/ Chemistry/ Mathematics/Computer Science
  • English/Physics/ Chemistry/ Mathematics/Economics
  • English/Physics/ Chemistry/ Mathematics/Biology
  • English/Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology/ Psychology
  • English/Physics/ Chemistry/ Mathematics/Entrepreneurship
  • English/Physics/ Chemistry/ Mathematics/Legal Studies
  • English/Physics/ Chemistry/ Mathematics/Sociology


  • English/Accountancy/Economics/Business Studies/Applied Mathematics
  • English/Accountancy/Economics/Business Studies/Entrepreneurship
  • English/Accountancy/Economics/Business Studies/Legal studies
  • English/Accountancy/Economics/Business Studies/Sociology


  • English/Political Science/Economics/Psychology/Applied Mathematics
  • English/Political Science/Economics/Psychology/Entrepreneurship
  • English/Political Science/Economics/Psychology/Legal studies
  • English/Political Science/Economics/Psychology/Sociology

Students in Classes XI and XII are primarily assessed through written tests and examinations. Furthermore, project-related viva voces are held in all subjects. An oral assessment in English evaluates their ability to communicate. We aim to evaluate each student's readiness for the board examinations. These assessments assist both teachers and students in identifying areas of strength and those in which they need to improve.

An overview of each class' assessments:

Class XI

  • Four/five unit tests
  • Two terminal examinations

Class XII

  • Four/five unit tests
  • One terminal examination
  • Two/three pre-board examination

Project Work

Students working on projects for various subjects aim to apply classroom learning in real-world scenarios and draw parallels between the two. Projects allow students to apply their broad skills, critical and creative thinking while assisting teachers in evaluating the same.

Gratitude Journaling

The two years of great uncertainty during Covid-19 have taught us the importance of taking care of our mental health. With the fast-paced lives we live today, developing habits to take care of ourselves is critical. It has become imperative for us to provide students with the tools that they need to care for their minds. Instilling self-care habits at a young age is now a must, so we have implemented the practice of gratitude journaling for our students. This is an effective practice for increasing self-esteem and resilience while experiencing a sense of deep gratitude.Practising gratitude and focusing on the positive have shown to relieve stress and improve people's mindsets. Through meaningful prompts, our students reflect on their lives and their days. To write in the journal, they use various colours and doodles based on the theme of the session. They also write thank-you notes to people they are grateful for.


Our theatre classes teach our students much more than just the art of acting. We set aside a day for students to participate in day-long specialised theatre exercises. This benefits students in various ways, including confidence building, presentation skills, powerful and successful communication, empathy, teamwork, and peer influence.

Guest Lectures and Workshops

Our Senior Secondary students are provided with all the tools that they need to function as well-groomed adults outside of the school. For this, we regularly invite entrepreneurs across professions to deliver lectures to our students. The subjects that students learn about span topics like healthcare services, technology-based organisations, new-age start-ups, and authors, to name a few. We also hold workshops for gender sensitisation for our students to grow up to be responsible and respectful individuals. We had several mentors and entrepreneurs like senior nutritionist Nidhi Nigam, entrepreneur Ravi CA and marketing and brand manager Vrunda Bansode deliver lectures to our students.

Experiential Learning

In accordance with our policy of providing students with well-rounded development and learning opportunities, they have numerous chances to learn skills through practical and real-life experiences. One such event is the Hogsworld food stalls, which are set up during the annual sports day. From start to finish, students plan and organise everything related to the stalls. They develop and hone skills such as business acumen, marketing management, accounting, and economic awareness, among others. Students involved in the food stalls plan for four months, or nearly 20 classroom sessions. The proceeds from the food stalls are donated to charity.

Art Integrated Activities

The CBSE introduced Art Integrated Learning, a method of teaching through real-life experiences, in 2019. It is a pedagogical approach that allows each student to learn from their own access points by creating an inclusive learning environment for all. Students can learn about different subjects by experiencing different forms of art and culture. Teachers use instructional methods such as quizzes, puzzles, and games. Meanwhile, for hands-on learning, students use various media, such as PowerPoint presentations, articles, collages, and artwork.


Our campus's two-story library provides a tranquil setting for the students to read or study. It is aesthetically pleasing and has comfortable furniture, making it a haven for book lovers and creating the ideal atmosphere. The library is well-stocked and meets the needs of both students and faculty. Over 13,000 books, as well as 20 magazines and periodicals, were hand-picked for the library, based primarily on suggestions from students, teachers, and the librarian. The fully automated system makes it simple for students to locate books. Academic books in the fields of science, commerce, and humanities are regularly updated to meet the needs of students. There are also books on entrance exams, fiction, nonfiction, ecology, personality development, career, and health and wellness.

A list of the magazines and periodicals to which we subscribe:

  • Civil Services Chronicles
  • Down to Earth
  • National Geographic
  • Entrepreneur
  • Activities Conducted:
  • Book reviews and talks by Authors
  • Newspaper clipping activity
  • Information retrieval using specified reference books and using the Internet
  • Abstracting a journal article
  • Short story analysis

Career Counselling

For students of Classes XI and XII, who will soon join colleges and universities, it is essential to receive guidance to choose what they want to do next. The school arranges Careers Day, an event where students meet different professionals to seek insights and guidance about various professions such as defence, biotechnology, chartered accountancy, journalism and media, aviation, wildlife, clinical psychology, and law. This steers them in the right direction and lays foundations for their future endeavours.